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The Christian Century is a magazine closely associated with the Ecumenical Movement. It was founded in 1884 and is still published today. It has long been known for advocating very liberal views of theology and the Bible, such as higher criticism and the social gospel. As such it was frequently criticized by fundamentalist and evangelical Christians, and the magazine Christianity Today was founded by evangelicals in 1956 as a response to counter the influence of The Christian Century.

In American Protestantism and a Jewish State (1973) an Israeli government official Hertzel Fishman analyzed several years worth of Christian Century and concluded that the magazine is Anti-Semitic, stating "Liberal Protestanism consistently and historically opposed a Jewish State in Palestine, obstructed immigration of Jewish refugees, minimized the Holocaust, tried to reduce Israel's boundaries and supported Arab 'rights'."[1]

The magazine also has a history of anti-Catholic bigotry as evidence by its bizarre tirades against the appointment of the Roman Catholic Industrial magnate Myron Charles Taylor as a diplomatic envoy to the Vatican[2]

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