The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution

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The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution
The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution.jpg
Author William Cooper Nell
Year Published 1855
Language English

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution: With Sketches of Several Distinguished Colored Persons: To Which Is Added a Brief Survey of the Condition And Prospects of Colored Americans is a book by William Cooper Nell which details, among other things, "the services of the Colored Patriots of the revolution".[1]


The book contains an introduction by Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of the work Uncle Tom's Cabin. A few years earlier, Nell wrote Services of Colored Americans in the Wars of 1776 and 1812.


Among other patriots written about are Crispus Attucks, the first person killed in the Boston Massacre; Peter Salem, who was instrumental in the victory at Bunker Hill; and Prince Whipple, who was present on George Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware.

At the Battle of Yorktown, Baron Ludwig von Closen, who was Rochambeau's aid-de-camp[2] remarked that "Three-quarters of the Rhode Island regiment consists of negroes, and that regiment is the most neatly dressed, the best under arms, and the most precise in its maneuvers."[3][4][5]


"The names which others neglect should only be the more sacredly our care."


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