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The Memphis TEA Party

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The Memphis TEA Party, "Assuring The Promise of Liberty", is an organization that supports the key tenets of "The Bill of Federalism: 10 Amendments to be Proposed to the States for Ratification." They are committed to improving the function of government impacting the citizens of west Tennessee and regularly meet with legislators, attend hearings and support candidates that promote a vision of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. The goals according to their website, "We will work to educate, inform and motivate people to realize their duty as citizens and work towards the mission of this organization for the benefit or our state and nation." The Memphis TEA Party mission is to promote,

  • Limiting Federal Powers
  • Promoting the Reserved Powers of the States
  • Effecting Rescission Power of the States
  • Abolishing the Federal Income Tax
  • Promoting Term Limits for the Senate and House
  • Protecting the Rights Retained by the People

The group was founded by Mark Skoda and recently they have become coalition partners with The National Tea Party Federation. They intend to protest government bailouts, stimulus, increased taxation and government pork in all its forms. In addition, they've launched the radio program "The Memphis TEA Party Live! For God and Country" on KWAM 990 in Memphis. Also, they will be at Washington D.C. on September 9-12th for the March On DC event.

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