The Story of Mohammed

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The Story of Mohammed is a book authored by Harry Richardson.

The books offers an understanding of Islam and its relationship to Jihad by using facts and stories about Muhammad.[1]

Rules of Jihad

Over the course of the book, the "Rules of Jihad" are laid out. According to Richardson, these tactics were developed by Muhammad and are utilized by jihadist Muslims.

1. Jihad is sanctioned by Allah. There is no higher authority, therefore it is always justified.

2. Never abide by any rules or limitations, the ends justify ANY means no matter how shocking. Jihad can be any action which advances Islam or weakens the Kaffirs, whether by a group or an individual. Even donating money to pay for someone else’s Jihad is a type of Jihad itself.

3. ALWAYS play the victim. Mohammed twisted his situation around. Although he had attacked innocent people without provocation he blamed them because they had “stopped others from becoming Muslims” and had worshiped idols. The attack was their fault, and the Muslims were the victims, not the Kaffirs.

4. Keep repeating this over and over and people will eventually begin to believe it. If you can persuade the victim to accept the blame you have won, because retaliation requires a sense of injustice. If the victim accepts the blame they will turn their hatred towards themselves.

5. Inspire your followers to fanatical suicidal bravery.

6. Deceive and sow discord amongst your enemies (the Kaffirs) whenever possible in order to secure victory.

7. Never ever give up, even when you are being beaten.

8. Never ever allow criticism of Mohammed, Allah or Islam, destroy free speech.[2][3]