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The TV IV is an online wiki which focuses on television and television-related articles, with the main emphasis placed on programs. It is powered by MediaWiki and was launched in July 2005. As of August 2021, there are over 10,800 program articles on the TV IV out of a total of over 327,000 TV-related articles.

The TV IV allows for the creation and editing of articles on TV shows, seasons and episodes of shows, characters, actors and other aspects of a show, as well as television stations and networks, TV production and distribution companies, program genres, TV terms and jargon (such as the "Friday Night Death Slot", "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome", "Cousin Oliver" and "Jump the Shark"), program scheduling, DVD releases of TV shows, programming grids (both historic and current) for broadcast and cable networks and other aspects of television. It also allows for the inclusion of trivia on TV shows, characters, actors and other TV-related miscellania that are not generally welcome on similar such articles on Wikipedia.

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