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The Truman Show

The Truman Show
Directed by Peter Weir
Produced by Edward S. Feldman
Andrew Niccol
Scott Rudin
Adam Schroeder
Written by Andrew Niccol (creator)
Starring Jim Carrey
Laura Linney
Ed Harris
Music by Burkhard von Dallwitz
Cinematography Peter Biziou
Editing by William M. Anderson
Lee Smith
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) June 5, 1998
Running time 103 min
Country USA
Language English
Budget $60,000,000
Gross revenue $264,118,201
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The Truman Show is a 1998 comedy about a man, played by Jim Carrey, who discovers that his whole life is a 24/7 reality TV show for the world.

The names are symbolic. "Christoff" (i.e. Christ-off, or not-Christ) plays God with "Truman"—but the true-man breaks free from the fake heaven.


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The film shows several people, Christof (Ed Harris), Mery Burbank (Laura Linney) and Marlon (Noah Emmerich) discussing "The Truman Show", claiming that nothing is rehearsed and everything is genuine. Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is a normal and friendly person, watched by millions of people 24 hours a day. He has a nice wife, close friend, good job and home in Seahaven. However, he also has a mysterious longing. He wants to find a girl named Sylvia, who he once met long ago. She had tried to explain something to him, when she was abruptly taken away by her "father" to Fiji. Truman is given several clues, such as a fallen light, his dead father alive, mysterious "accidents" that prevent him from leaving the island. Finally, he brings his "wife" to tears and is on the verge of realizing the truth.

He is pondering on the bizarre events with Marlon, when his father reappears to meet him. Suddenly, the audience is transported to the studio of Christof, the man shaping the TV program of Truman’s life. Far away, Sylvia calls Christof on an exclusive interview, saying he’s imprisoned Truman. Christof protests that if Truman wanted to leave, he could. Truman sneaks out of his set and sets sail to leave. Christof tries to stop Truman by sending a huge storm toward him. Nonetheless, Truman survives and comes to the walls of the sky that define the limits of the set. Christof confronts Truman using a voice from the clouds. He tells Truman that the world outside his show is broken and that his world is the way things are supposed to be. The television audience, including Sylvia, tensely watches and prays that Truman dare to leave.

Truman walks out to the cheers of the crowd and the shock of Christof.


Jim Carrey - Truman Burbank

Laura Linney - Meryl Burbank/Hannah Gill

Noah Emmerich - Marlon

Natascha McElhone - Lauren/Sylvia

Brian Delate - Truman's Father

Ed Harris - Christof


The film did well at the box office grossing $125,618,201 in the U.S. and $264,118,201 worldwide.[1] It was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director and Best Writing/Screenplay Written Directly for Screen.