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Many evolutionary biologists are very dissatisfied with the modern evolutionary synthesis which is also known as Neo-Darwinism (see: Recent clamour to revise the modern evolutionary synthesis), but they refuse to accept biblical creation or intelligent design theory.

A group such evolutionary biologists from prominent public universities (such as the University of Chicago, University of Oxford, MIT, Princeton, UCLA and other major universities around the world). have formed a "third way of evolution" school of evolutionary thought which they describe as follows:

The DNA record does not support the assertion that small random mutations are the main source of new and useful variations...

Many see evolution as a complex process with distinct mechanisms and stages rather than a phenomenon explainable by a small number of principles. The divergences and multiplicity of ideas, opinions and theories on this website are necessary since many fields of evolutionary biology remain relatively unexplored...

There is a need for a more open “third way” of discussing evolutionary change based on empirical observations.[1]

For more information, please the Evolution News and Views article entitled: A Group of Darwin-Skeptical Scientists Seeking a "Third Way" in Biology Have Launched a New Website; Welcome to Them!

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