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Daniel Anthony Hutton, born in Ireland on September 10, 1942, Chuck Negron born on June 8, 1942 and Cory Wells born February 5 of the same year, both in New York state, are the lead singers of one of the most successful groups of the rock era, Three Dog Night.

Backed by musicians, Michael Allsup on guitar, Floyd Sneed on drums, Joe Schermie on bass and Jimmy Greenspoon on keyboards, Three Dog Night had eleven million selling singles, fourteen gold albums and in selling more than 50 million records, landed on the Hit Parade twenty one times in just six years.

Their introduction came from “Try A Little Tenderness” in early 1969, it was followed by the groups first top five hit, “One”. “Easy To Be Hard” and “Eli’s Coming” where next in the same year. In 1970 “the dog” topped the charts with “Joy to The World” and “Mama Told Me Not To Come”. “Joy To The World” did the same in 1971. Also in that year, “Liar” “An Old Fashioned Love Song” and “Never Been To Spain” went gold. Peaking at #1 in 1972 was “Black and White”, in 73’ Shambala landed in the top five and in 1974 so did “The Show Must Go On”.

Other Three Dog Night hits were, “Celebrate”, “One Man Band”, “Out In The Country”, “The Family of Man”, “Pieces of April” and “Let Me Serenade You”.

The original Three Dog Night was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2000.