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Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni ( born in Venice in 1671 - Venice, 1751) was an Italian Baroque composer.

He first came to public notice as a composer when, in 1694, his first opera, "Zenobia, regina de Palmireni", was produced in Venice and his first collection of instrumental music ("Sonata a tre, op.1") appeared.[1]

Some works

Albinoni was a prolific composer.

Most of his operatic works have been lost, having not been published during his lifetime. Nine collections of instrumental works were however published, meeting with considerable success and consequent reprints; thus it is as a composer of instrumental music (99 sonatas, 59 concertos and 9 sinfonias) that he is known today. [2]

  • Zenobia, regina de Palmireni
  • Concerto for String Orchestra Opus 5, No. 1
  • La Griselda
  • Artamene
  • Concerto for Oboe & String in D. Major, Allegro e non-presto

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