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Toots Sweet (born August 10, 1974) Sweet was raised in New York, the son of a Korean-war veteran, Edward Sweet. He wrote the song Soldier Boy and dedicated his first album to his father. Toots Sweet released his first album, "Taking Back America" in 2010. All songs on the album are about the current administration, their disrespect for the Constitution, and the Liberal mainstream-media.

Toots Sweet is a regular among the Tea Party movement, attending rallies and performing his music. Toots has marched at the 9/12 events in Washington DC in both 2009 and 2010 in support of a responsible, limited Government and to put a stop to out of control spending. He not only is a singer, songwriter and musician; he is also a Conservative activist. Toots has deep concern about the direction our country is taking. He understands all too well that the arts play an important role in instilling passion and motivating people. Liberals have been using the arts to do this for decades. Toots realizes that music and the arts can be very influential. He will continue writing songs to help restore American Exceptionalism to a country that was founded on Freedom. The music truly has a unique sound and a crucial message for these times.

The style of Toots Sweet is categorized as "Urban Funk Rock". Amazing are the lyrics he so wittingly provides for each song. Many songs are actually educational and informative. He often uses quotes from influential people in his songs; they're recognizable if you follow more Conservative news. Mr. Sweet lists Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck as some of his influences. Joe Ardis of Raiders News Network was recently quoted as saying, "Toots Sweet is the funk master and the real deal... He's so tenacious about what he believes in, yet so warm and approachable”. I have found that to be true of Toots Sweet also.

However, most people probably will not hear Toots Sweet on their local radio station in the near future. Conservatives are often alienated in the entertainment industry. The content of his music would be considered "controversial" by the biased, mainstream media. He is extremely well known among Conservatives, especially the Tea Party. He has produced two albums so far, both of which can be downloaded at iTunes and his website. He has several videos out and they are viewable on YouTube. Toots Sweet is not only a Conservative, a successful singer/songwriter and musician. He is also a Patriot.

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