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Trump Organization

The Trump Organization is a privately owned corporation based in Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The company primarily deals in real estate, owning numerous high rise office/residential towers, hotels, and golf courses both domestically and internationally. The firm also has licensing deals with other developers, allowing them the rights to use the Trump name for their projects. In later years, the company has also branched out into the entertainment, TV production, and retail fields

The Trump Organization was founded in 1923 by Elizabeth Trump and her son Fred as Elizabeth Trump & Son. Fred ran the company until 1971, when he gave control over to his son (and future U.S. President) Donald Trump, who rechristened the firm under its current name.

Donald Trump (who is still the company's owner) directly ran it until 2017, when due to becoming President of the United States, he gave over day-to-day operations to his sons (and executive vice presidents) Donald Jr. and Eric, as well as chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, who all serve as trustees.

Donald's eldest daughter Ivanka Trump also served as an executive VP in the company until leaving in 2017 to join her father's administration as a Senior White House Advisor.

In 2022, the organization was targeted by corrupt liberal Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for alleged tax fraud using compromised jurors from far-Left New York City despite everything the organization has done to build up the city they benefit from. The December 6 verdict was politically motivated and is another example of Biden-era corruption running rampant.

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