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Emmy Award-nominated Two and a Half Men had been the #1 comedy on television for the past two seasons.[1] It’s a comedy about men, women, sex, dating, divorce, mothers, single parenthood, sibling relations, surrogate families, money and, most importantly, love. More specifically, it's about the lives of two brothers, one brother's son and the many women who surround them. Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is a well-to-do bachelor with a house at the beach, a Mercedes in the garage and an easy way with women. His casual Malibu lifestyle is interrupted when his tightly wound brother, Alan (Jon Cryer), and Alan's son, Jake ( Angus T. Jones ), come to stay with him. Complicating matters further are Charlie and Alan's narcissistic, emotionally toxic mother, Evelyn (Holland Taylor); Alan's deeply neurotic ex-wife, Judith (Marin Hinkle) and Charlie's domineering, unapologetically blue-collar housekeeper, Berta (Conchata Ferrell). Despite the complexities of their lives and their own strained relationship, Charlie and Alan have one thing in common—they both love Jake and want what's best for him. As a result, they manage to create a little family unit that promises to make each of them a better man.[2] By season 9, Charlie Harper was written out of the series due to Charlie Sheen's public disorder and drug issues coming to the forefront (with Sheen strongly implying that his relapse and outbursts were largely due to the negative work conditions brought about by the show's creator, Chuck Lorre.), with it being established in-universe that he had died off-screen by being run over by a train (with it being heavily implied that local stalker Rose had pushed him into the tracks as revenge for cheating on her after marriage), although the series finale revealed that she faked Charlie's death and kept him stranded until he escaped before being crushed by a piano, with struggling and divorced billionaire Walden Schmidt (played by Ashton Kutcher) taking over Charlie's role after buying his house. It ultimately ended on 2015.

Angus Turner Jones

Angus Turner Jones was born in Austin, Texas to Kelly Charles Jones and Carey Lynn Claypool.[3] He began his career at age 4 with television commercials. His first movie was the French movie Simpatico where he played a small part. His breakthrough hit however occurred when he was cast as James in the hit movie See Spot Run alongside David Arquette.

After See Spot Run, he began to move more into TV and started this with guest appearances in Dinner With Friends, ER, Audreys Rain and The Christmas Blessing.

In 2002, Angus appeared in another movie, this time the hit, The Rookie. In 2003 he was cast as Georgey in Bringing Down the House and George Jr in George of the Jungle 2.

In 2003 he was cast as Jake Harper in the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men alongside Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. Now in its fourth season, Two and a Half Men] continues to be a satisfying watch for many viewers.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his parents, baby brother, dog, cat and bird.[4]