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US Highways Proposed Improvements (Post Roads)

US Rte 4S NY, VT & NH

The NY part of this alternate is less expensive plan following the same path as the NY I-390 proposal. US Rte 4S a two lane a limited access road would have with passing lanes about every seven miles. Starting at a roundabout on US Rte 4 (just north of NY Rt 43) and following the power line right-a-way. A roundabout where it intersects NY Rt 2. The limited access part will end with a roundabout on NY Rt 22 (about 1000 feet south of NY Rte 7) then traveling with NY Rte 7 and VT Rte 279 in VT then Continue traveling with VT Rte 9 to Marlboro VT where US Rte 4S will leave VT Rte. 9 at a roundabout to become a two lane a limited access road North of & roughly parallel to VT Rte. 9. At I-91 exit 3 It will travel over the Rte 9 bridge to NH. Then US Rte 4S becomes a two lane a limited access road South of & roughly parallel to NH Rte 9. It will travel with NH Rte 9 starting at the intersection with NH Rte 10 until it merges with US Rte 4 near Concord NH.

US Rte 7 VT

An extension of the limited access US Rte 7 from where it currently ends at the intersection with VT Rte 7A in Dorset VT to just south of Rutland VT It would run just east of the existing US Rte 7.

US Rte 9 NJ & DE

A new bridge across the Delaware Bay connecting the two parts of US Rte 9 which are currently connected by a ferry between Cape May NJ and Lewis DE.

US Rte 9A NY

A new US Rte. 9A would start at the existing US Rte. 9 at the Latham NY Traffic Circle and traveling with the Troy-Schenectady Rd until it crosses the NEW Colonie/Clifton Park NY bridge across the Mohawk A new road would built on the Northside of the Mohawk River to connect the new bridge to Vischer Ferry Rd and then it would travel along Vischer Ferry Rd till it reaches NY Rte. 146 and then the new US Rte. 9A would travel with Rte. 146 until in ends on the existing US Rte. 9. [1]

US Rte 78 GA

Improving existing alignment or utilizing new alignments to allow higher speed traffic between I-95 and US Rte 1

US Rte 93 AZ, NV, & ID

Improving the existing alignment or utilizing new alignments including widening some sections (except those that will be replaced by Interstate 11 ) between Wickenburg AZ [2] & Sun Valley ID.

US Rte 287 TX

Improvements to US 287 through Ellis County, a distance of approximately 32 miles. This would require the construction of continuous, one-way frontage roads, including grade separations and access control to the main highway.

US Rte 380 TX

Including improving the existing alignment or utilizing new alignments of the highway Denton County Line to Hunt County Line so it can handle more traffic. Also Analyze potential roadway alternatives, including the existing alignment and new alignments, for US 380 through Collin County from the Denton County line to the Hunt County line [3]

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