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Interstate highway construction is coordinated by the U.S. Department of Transportation in conjunction with the transportation departments of the various states. Funding typically comes from a match between state funds and federal highway trust funds. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has defined a set of standards that all new Interstates must meet unless a waiver from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is obtained. AASHTO also assigns numbers to new interstate routes.

On October 14, 1992, the original Interstate Highway system was completed, but the system continues to be expanded and improved. In many cases, new interstate highway routes are the subject of specific Congressional action or earmarks.

Interstate 9

Interstate 9 would travel from Wheeler Ridge CA to Stockton CA The road is planned to run parallel to CA Route 99 .[1]

Interstate 11

Interstate 11 would travel from Phoenix AZ to Las Vegas NV. The road is planned to run parallel to US Route 60 and then parallel to US Route 93. Some options on the plan extend north to Reno NV or South to Tucson AZ.[2]

Interstate 27

A Northern section of Interstate 27 that would have no connection with the existing Texas section. The proposed I27 would start on I70 near Salina KS. and then head northwest to I80. I27 would run with I80 to North Platte NE. Then run parallel to US Route 83 and serve Johnstown NE, Winner SD, Pierre SD, Bismarck ND, and Minot ND. I27 would then continue North to Portal ND and the Canadian border. It would not enter any Reservation land.

A southern extension of Interstate 27 has also been proposed, as part of a larger system of freeways known as the Plains to Ports Corridor. The proposed route has the interstate going from Lubbock (the current southern terminus) southward to Lamesa, then split into an eastern section going through Big Spring and a western section going through Midland, with the two sections reuniting at Sterling City, then continue through San Angelo and Del Rio, then along the border to Eagle Pass, then eastward to Carizzo Springs and finally ending at Laredo.

Interstate 88 Ext

Interstate 88 currently ends at Schenectady NY. The plan was to extend I88 parallel to NY State Route 50 and connect with I-87 north of Saratoga Springs NY. The only parts that have been built is a new bridge was built across the Mohawk River, in Schenectady NY, that connects with I-90 Thruway exit 26, I-890, and the existing I-88. The plan to cross the Hudson River and then travel parallel to U.S. Route 4; to I-89 in VT has been taken over by the I-92 proposal below.

Interstate 92

Interstate 92 would start on I-87 near Glen Falls NY then continue to travel parallel to U.S. Route 4; then travel with I89 to Concord NH; then parallel to U.S. Route 202 to Rochester, NH; then to Peru ME; then parallel to U.S. Route 2 to Bangor ME, and then parallel to ME Route 9 possibly connecting to New Brunswick Canada's Rte 1 near Calais. ME. The path of the proposed road follows in Maine has not been yet been completely decided. [3][4] The only parts of the I92 that have been built are U.S. Route 4 in VT was upgraded to limited access between the VT/NY line to Rutland VT, I89 was completed, I393 was built in Concord NH, and I395 was built in Bangor Me. I-92 plan would take over part of the older I88 Extension plan above.

Interstate 98

The Eastern section of Interstate 98 would connect I-81 in Jefferson County NY with I-89 near Swanton VT using the existing bridges across Lake Champlain. The Road would run parallel to US Route 11 in New York and the Run parallel to US Route 2 in NY and VT. It would then run parallel to VT Route 78 ending on I-89 in VT.[5]

The Western Section of Interstate 98 would connect I-75 near Rudyard MI with I-15 near Shelby MT. It would run parallel to US Route 2, and serve Marquette MI, Duluth MN, East Grand Forks, MN, Minot ND, & Fairview, MT. It would not enter any Reservation land. Also, there is a proposal for a high-speed rail line to run within the western section I98 right of way.

Interstate 99

An East Coast section of Interstate 99 would allow long-distance travelers to bypass the Baltimore Washington bottleneck. This new section of Interstate 99 would be separate from the existing one in PA. Interstate 99 would run from Interstate 95 in Christiana DE renumbering the limited access DE 1 then starting near Dover DE a new interstate 99 would be built running parallel to US Rte 13 thru the rest of the Delmarva Peninsula and then using the existing Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel; It would pass thru Norfolk VA running with existing interstates where possible. Interstate 99 would continue to run parallel to US Rte 13 until it crosses into NC where it would parallel to US Rte 258 until ending on Interstate 95 in Wilson, NC.[6] [7]

An alternative option is to continue the road to Charleston, South Carolina, by paralleling US Rte 17 instead in NC.[8]

One option that was never fully planned was to connect the proposed Christiana DE I99 East Coast section and the existing Bedford PA I99 section by running I99 with the existing interstates I95, I476 and I76.

Interstate 287 Ext NY

Interstate 287 Extension would connect Westchester County via a new bridge across the Long Island Sound to Nassau County ending on I-495. A more recent option on the plan would have wind turbines built along the bridge. The proposed autonomous Montauk Region (Long Island & Rockland/Westchester) would make this more likely as it would connect the two halves of the region.

Interstate 390 NY

Interstate 390 would connect I 90 exit 8 in North Greenbush NY to VT Route 279 in Bennington VT The road was planned to travel as part of NY State Route 43 and then parallel to NY State Route 43; then parallel to NY State Route 351; then parallel to NY State Route 7 to VT Route 279 The only parts of the extension that have been built are VT Route 279 near Bennington VT and Route 43 between I-90 & US Route 4 in East Greenbush NY. A more recent option on the plan would have the road travel along existing power easements in North Greenbush NY with the power lines placed below the road, so that existing homes and businesses would be unaffected. A less expensive alternative following the same path is US 4S

Interstate 484 PA

Interstate 484 would Start on I-84 near Milton PA and end on I-80 near Stroudsburg PA. I-484 would run parallel to US Rte 209 while staying west of Delaware water gap park land. This would create a bypass of overcrowded NJ interstates. The existing limited access PA Rte 33 south of Stroudsburg PA could be renumbered to I-484 to make it easier for traffic to find I-78 and I-476.

Interstate 591 NH, VT

Interstate 591 would Start on VT Rte 9 East of Marlboro VT. Then travel parallel & North of VT Rte 9 Then have an interchange with I-91. When it crosses into NH the road would travel parallel & South of NH Rte 9 ending near Keene NH.

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