Unia Polityki Realnej

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The insignia of the UPR

Unia Polityki Realnej (UPR) (English: "Union of Political Realism" alias "Real Politics Union") is a Polish conservative libertarian party founded as Real Politics Movement on 14 November 1987 by Ryszard Czarnecki, Stefan Kisielewski, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, Stanisław Michalkiewicz and Robert Smoktunowicz. Since 1990 registered under its current name.

Political program

  • full privatization of whole education and health care system.
  • promotion of privatization and reprivatization
  • restoring of death penalty
  • deregulation in economy
  • low taxes
  • minimalizing of bureaucracy
  • demonopolization
  • decentralization
  • voluntary army
  • legalizing of drugs
  • party is pro-life