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The United Arab List (Ra’am) is an Israeli-Arab Isalmist political party committed to abolishing the state of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic one based on Sharia law. In the latest elections to the Knesset it ran on a joint list with Ta’al (Arab Movement for Renewal); together they won four seats.[1]


Members of the United Arab List wish to abolish the state of Israel and have its territory annexed to an Islamic Caliphate (Islamic mega state). In a 2006 press conference party chairman Ibrahim Sarsur told reporters that his party “believe[s] in Islam [...] believe[s] in the rule of the Caliphate and we do not support a separation between state and religion."[2] Masud Ganaim, another member of Knesset from the United Arab List, made similar statements.[3]

The party’s members also have an history of supporting Hezbollah,[4] Iran and Syria.[3]