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My name is Alejandro Hernandez. I am a Mexican student in Canada. I am user:Quetzalcoatl, but I recreated my account using my real name, since it seems to be the rule of this project.

This user has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
Bibleopened.jpeg This user reads the Bible in a straightforward or literal manner.
This user runs a Mac-based system.
This user supports Andrew Schlafly as the rightful leader of Conservapedia.
Earthsat.jpeg This user believes in an old Earth

  — 6,000 years old.

This user believes that evolution cannot explain the complexity of species.
This user believes donuts must have holes to truly be donuts.
This user has expertise in research and statistics.
Smallglobe.jpeg This user isn't from America, but is still proud to be a conservative.
Mexican arms.jpg
This user is proud to be a citizen of Mexico
This user does not use illegal drugs, but thinks that marijuana should be legalized.
This user plays and watches soccer.
Pi-symbol.gif This user has memorized Pi all the way to the very end.
This user has Interests other than Conservapedia
band This user's favorite band is The Beatles.
Sperm-egg.jpg This user believes life begins at conception.
This user loves the Earth
Cows at E3.jpg
This user thinks cows are tasty.