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I am:

  • Rational
  • Open-Minded
  • Open to debate
  • Pro-Choice
  • An evolutionist
  • For free-market capitalism
  • For the rights of man
  • For progress
  • For the constitution
  • Against Affirmative Action
  • Against extreme taxes
  • Against Obamacare, but for social healthcare
  • Against Communism
  • Against Fascism
  • Against racism, slavery, oppression
  • A world traveller

Define me.

Up for Discussion

In the new United States, there were two primary parties: The Federalists (associated with Hamilton, Adams) and the Democratic-Republicans (associated with Jefferson). The Democratic-Republicans (I will refer to them as D-Rs) were what we may consider "liberals" in today's terms, and the Federalists were what we would often consider "conservatives."

The D-Rs:

  • Supported weaker central government and stronger state governments - noted by Jefferson's general policy that any power not specified by the constitution should be denied to the Federal government.
  • Supported freedoms of man
  • Supported Slavery
  • Against heavy Federal taxes
  • Supported the Articles of Confederation (AoC) more strongly than the Federalists

It should be noted that the legacy of the D-Rs (the Democrats) were those who seceded the union, which resulted in the American Civil War.

The Federalists:

  • Strong central government - noted by Hamilton's general policy that any power not specified by the constitution should be granted to the Federal government.
  • Restricted some of the rights of man (Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press, Expression, etc) - noted by the Alien and Sedition acts
  • Supported free-market
  • For federal taxes
  • Supported creation of the constitution over the AoC

Today, the left-wing Democratic party primarily:

  • Supports heavier federal taxes
  • Supports a stronger federal government
  • is against slavery (noted by strong support for equality such as Affirmative Action)
  • is tied to the Atheist/Agnostic/less-strictly-religous population of the USA

The remaining constant is the ideal of the rights of man above all.

Today, the right-wing Republican party primarily:

  • Supports a central government which interferes little with the economy (Adam Smith's theories)
  • is against affirmative action and other government-legislated attempts to "force" equality
  • Support lower taxes
  • is tied to the more strict Christian population of the USA

The remaining constant is the ideal of free-market capitalism.

First of all, please correct any incorrect claims I have made by discussing on my talk, and I am fully aware that the short list of ideals above does not fully encompass every ideal represented by each respective party. Secondly, I'm looking to discuss what caused this change - near reversal - of ideals. There is a section on my talk where this can be discussed.