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Taking some time off

Since my userpage mysteriously reverted to a previous version, I guess I need to repost this.

I have been a member of this project, more or less actively, for quite some time now. In that time, there have been numerous changes. I feel that some of these have been good, and others have been detrimental.

I have never taken issue with the notion that certain members of the project have more authority than others. Andy is the founder of the project, as well as the person who graciously provides the site; of course his voice should have the most weight. Likewise, the sysops have demonstrated their value and reliability, and their voices should also carry great weight. That is only right and proper.

The problem is this time...I find that I cannot agree with the direction in which one of those voices is leading this project. Many of the articles appearing recently are not of a sort I would care to have a student or child of mine read. Moreover, I feel that entirely too much focus is being placed on attracting the attention and ire of atheists and vandals, rather than producing content valuable to Christians and conservatives.

Again, it is not my place to debate the wisdom of this course of action. However, it is not a course of action I care to support. Thus, I have two options: get with the program or get going. Since I am unwilling to get with this particular program, it's time to get going, at least for now.

I hope to return at some later date; I still think this project has great potential.

Mr. Schlafly, thank you for the opportunity to edit here. To my fellow editors, good luck and may God bless.


--Benp 23:03, 5 October 2011 (EDT)