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Australia map.gif This user is an Aussie, otherwise known as an okker, true blue, legend, dingo, or skip; lives in the Great South Land; and says things like gday mate and fair dinkum.
This user loves the Earth
Bibleopened.jpeg This user is convinced of the need for critical, academic study of the Bible.
Cfalogo3.gif This user likes to fight fires in Victoria
This user missed the Great Donut War.

Bilby is a teacher in Melbourne, Australia with an interest in literature, religion, philosophy and Australia.

I also dabble in other things such as being a volunteer firefighter with the CFA, producing a religious television show, writing exams for year 12 students to enjoy (Texts and Traditions and Philosophy for VCAA) and trying to be a good family man as well. I'm sure anyone who knows me and reads this knows that it's me - for everyone else I guess you could track me down just using that information!

I have contributed to pages on Australia, Australian Aboriginals, Guantanamo Bay, David Hicks, Australian Rules Football and had hoped to do some further work on Australian Literature and Music but have now decided to move away from this site as it seems to be becoming "closed minded" instead of "conservative." When the truth is edited away without any other justification that it is "liberal" and that is followed by a series of insults from a synop then the site is dead ...