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I'm new to the site, I joined around mid-April. To say a little about myself, I am a radical atheist, which I define as: someone who believes that god is as likely as invisible, intangible unicorns, the flying spaghetti monster or the orbiting teapot. I also think that a lot of the damage and death that has happened has been caused by religion, although not necessarily in the spirit of religion. I also think that if more people realised that the bible was written by humans, not god, (I'll accent the humans part again) humans not god and therefore is just as accurate guide to history as the Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkein. I know that will not make me very popular on this site, however I do enjoy this site as I find that it is generally a good site for stimulating discussions regarding morality and the existence of any kind of deity. Thats really all that needs to be said by me. I may add to this in more depth at a later date. Bolly Ottihw