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My personal talk and editing philosophies. I have collected these here to remind myself.

  • Respect for other contributors. This includes letting very minor points drop rather than quibbling over them.
  • I will always put truth first. It is tempting, especially when looking at articles for despised political figures, to really grind the screws in, but if my own edits are slightly disingenuous for the purpose of advancing my beliefs, then I can't trust CP to truly be a reliable resource.
  • "This reflects poorly on CP" isn't a good reason for changing things on its own, but we should be mindful of how the site appears to potential users.
  • I will assume good faith. CP is plagued by vandals and others will bad intentions, but it should be warm and inviting to would-be helpful contributors. I won't always agree with other users, but I will try to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • I will apply the principles that separate us from lesser sites. Wikipedia is a gossip site deeply tinged with unfounded rumor. I will avoid even the appearance of that sort of thing.
  • I will cite stuff, even though that's the most boring part of building up articles. Where possible, I will use well-vetted sources. The more potentially contentious something is, the more important a solid source is, so I don't build articles that look like rumormongering or mere opinion.
  • I will be diligent about vandalism.
  • I will learn how to use the wiki software.
  • While it's true that accurate portrayals of liberals will often look negative, it's more important for portrayals of liberals and other opponents of conservatism to be as accurate as possible, rather than simply as negative as possible. It's hard to know thy enemy when useful, verifiable facts are listed aside largely groundless accusations.
  • Similarly, it's important not to whitewash mistakes made by conservatives in the past. That conservative policies are best for the country doesn't mean that the history of conservatism is just an endless chain of people making perfect decisions. It's better to learn from the past then to cover it up or disingenuously shift the buck to other groups. That Nixon's policies were generally right for the country doesn't change the fact that he was a sweaty little liar.