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A part of this bot's function is to block IP addresses which may be used to abuse Conservapedia. Most of the IPs this bot blocks are used by servers which mask user IP addresses, as the use of these is prohibited on this site.

Need help?

Have you been erroneously blocked by this bot? If so, we apologize for the inconvenience! Please contact user:DavidB4 so he can assist you with the problem. He will look into the issue, then decide whether to unblock you. If you are listed on a public blacklist, he will try to provide information on how you can appeal that listing. If you are on a private blacklist, he may attempt to appeal the listing on your behalf.

How does this work?

The following are some reasons an IP may be blocked by this bot:

  1. The IP address (or address block) is used to anonymize visitors
  2. The IP is used by an automated program or script to advertise, spam, etc.
  3. The IP is used by an automated program or script to vandalize sites, post inappropriate content, or generally be destructive
  4. The IP is used by a person who is known across the internet to be engaging on destructive or unwanted behavior

This bot gathers information from several global blacklists (both public and proprietary), anonymization services directly, and several other sources. To help ensure accuracy, this information is tested automatically, and spot-checked manually before use. Then, the detected addresses are blocked from editing on Conservapedia. However, anyone connecting from a blacklisted IP address is not prevented from viewing and exploring Conservapedia--only account registration and editing is blocked.