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David Daniel Ball

Born as a Capricorn Fire Horse 1967 in New York

Teacher, journalist and author

David Daniel Ball, Mr
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Writings include

  • Thief! (an autobiography)
  • Big Heart (short story serial, part of Werewolves of Wynyard collection)
  • The Mystery of Webster's Curse (short story)
  • Ballad of Mitzy the Puppy (short story)
  • Birth of the WEB (part of WEB, Whole Earth Biota, science fiction series)

As journalist, David founded Sydney's Conservative Weasel, Winter's Harvest, Astro Weasel's Space Club, Unsourced Humor and Sydney's Conservative.

Ancestors and Relations

Son of Samuel Ball (educator). Brother of John Samuel Ball. Nephew of Jack Ball. Cousin of Jack Ryder.

Mak Sai Ying arrived in Sydney in 1818, under the name Mak O’Pong a wonderful readable account of his story is posted here.

Short Movies

Big Heart is about a poor boy in year 9 who is thinking of dropping out of school to become a drug lord. He discovers obstacles.

Mystery of Webster's Curse is an Amityville Horror prequel. It describes how the house came to be on the market ..

Ballad of Mitzy is sequel to Webster's Curse The Ballad is about an unseen character from Webster's Curse, that goes on mission when it's mistress is slain

Documentaries and Campaigns

  • Why Che Guevarra Is a Monster. A two parter, describing Che's life from birth to his time as Minister in Cuba. A factual account with sourced images. Words mostly from Wikipedia. A first attempt at documentary. Also posted in 12 parts on Youtube.

Part A, Part B

  • The start of a series on the Middle East. Intended to cover the second intifada. The dialog in this is slower, and more precise. Written with sourced images.

Middle east War Overview followed by Mid East War Second Intifada Documentary

Clare Oliver Intro Clare Oliver: Too Close to the Flame. A collaboration.

  • Hamidur Rahman's unjust death. His parents have been held partly responsible for what I believe to be a result of school negligence.

Open letter to the Premier of NSW Uncovering Hamidur Rahman's Death Did my government friend cover up schoolboy death? Testimony, why I am a Christian About the boy who died

Original Music and Poetry

Music Video

Comedy Video


Werewolves of Wynyard

Published 2005 by ARKLIT productions

Werewolves of Wynyard is a collection of short stories set in a future Sydney where the cross city tunnel has opened a supernatural breach, changing how the people of Sydney see their universe.

"Sydney, a city ravaged by ghosts and werewolves, strange occurrences and vampire golf balls"

Short stories by:

  • David Daniel Ball
  • Mike Blair
  • David Buchwald
  • Ben Casimir
  • Andrew Constantine
  • Thomas Crawford
  • Richard Heagren-Gibbs
  • Allan Ross Kreuter (also editor)
  • Gillian Tang
  • Marcus Young

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