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I suppose I'd better put something here!

I'm English and live in southern England; I hope that doesn't put you all off me!

I'll probably add some articles, and correct the more extreme howlers when I find them - I'm sure some people just make stuff up.


I have been a practising Christian for some seven years now, and am active within my church. Although raised as a Catholic, I no longer define myself by denomination.


I'm not familiar witn the US descriptions of "conservative" or "liberal", (the British ones don't correspond) so I can't tell you where I come in that scale. On the four-quadrant Political Compass, I'm in the bottom-left segment, somewhere near Ghandi and Nelson Mandela.

I support equality for all, public education, and universal health care. I don't support positive discrimination, taxation unrelated to income, or a totally market-driven economy. (I don't want a totally state-controlled one either, though). I support private free enterprise, but some things are too important to be left to the guy who wants to fill his pockets.