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Good Morning/Evening/Night! I'm a student of Human Geography at a top British university. Geography is an under-appreciated subject which brings the concept space into analysing and explaining processes. In particular, I'm particularly interested in comparisons between the US and UK on various topics (charity, policy, geographies of capitalism and the new knowledge economy). I appreciate that not everyone has access to the full level of journals and I hope to help by adding objective data to support articles when I have time.

I contribute to Conservapedia as a way of revision and learning. While of course I could define terms, processes and sources to myself, it would be much better use if I could share this knowledge with others to educate and perhaps synthesise some reasoned debate.

I am a Christian (one of the 10% of British who attends Church every Sunday), although I attempt to write my academic work from a secular point of view. I don't believe this has anything to do with liberal attitudes, any more so than I'd rather not see other religions promoting their virtues through academia either. I fully do engage Christian ideas with friends of other religions and of none, but I believe that academia is not the place for it.

Thus this is why I fully believe that Conservapedia is important as a resource where we can engage with topics with a Christian focus and get us thinking. I don't fully support everything on this website or believe that everything here is correct, but I believe it's an important resource when considering discourses in the same way that conservatives should from time to time dip into liberal newspapers, and vice versa.

HumanGeographer 14:20, 21 November 2011 (EST)