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My name is Isaac, I'm from NC.

I'm a simple man, with simple desires. I hate using five words when two will get my point across.

I believe that a bolt action rifle is less than useless in home defense, same as a fully automatic firearm. One is too unwieldy, the other requires specialized training. A shotgun or a semiauto is perfect. That said, a bolt action rifle is probably the best thing in the world for hunting, in my opinion.

I believe that abortion is an affront, which should only be performed in the direst of circumstances, when the child has no chance of survival, and abortion is the mother's only hope. This is an exceedingly rare circumstance.

I'm going to admit this one right up front, I'm going to violate the 90/10. It's not a malicious threat, or even a statement of intent. Mainly my purpose is going to be grammar and spell checking, and general proofreading. I'll try to work on actual articles some, but my expertise on many subjects is limited.

At the moment, I am working on expanding the Astronomy articles, and, while it is somewhat "bare bones" at the moment, I will be steadily expanding the articles as time goes by.

I've decided to start making my signature and talk page links reflect the latest wisdom of my Chief. It keeps me smiling at work.