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I am, first and foremost, an American conservative and Protestant Christian. I live in Nashville, TN, and am a retired White House staff member. During the Reagan administration I served as a general go-to-guy for other staff members, and occasionally I gave input as to White House guides for younger aides. I served the president for two years before I moved to Nashville at the behest of my wife, Caroline, who wished to remove our family from the environment of Washington due to the increasing liberal infiltration. Though Reagan gave way to Bush SR as president, the nation allowed Clinton into office, and for that I'm thankful my wife removed me from DC before I had to witness such a terrible farce of leftist politics overturning the will of the American people.

I have spent some years overseas. My travels in Europe were short-lived as I couldn't much tolerate the liberal creep over European politics and the socialist reforms in those nations, which, like America, are now amoral zones of social discomfort and Christian censorship. You can no more put up a Christmas tree in England than you can in DC without having liberals protest the celebration of Jesus on His own birthday.

I am non-denominational when it comes to Christ. All I need is a church, my bible, and my love for Jesus and His Father.

I found Conservapedia after following a link on the Fox News website where a commenter lamented the increasing socialistic climate of American politics and was quickly attacked by liberals who didn't like his truth.

I look forward to contributing to Conservapedia since there are so few truthful conservative outlets left which haven't fallen to the will of the liberals.