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I enjoy working on wiki encyclopedias. Don't really care too much at all about the political slant one way or the other. Fact is, am not a conservateive - not even close.

As I read and study, I find it helpful to organize my thoughts and learning by writing about what I have read; hence the main value to me of encyclopedia work - it forces one to do just that.

I am also somewhat of a Luddite in that I believe users of the encyclopedia should get just the basic, essential facts and then log off and read a book about the subject. Hence, I feel the importance of book references in any encyclopedia article.

"To mention a 'point of view' at all, when treating of the history of philosophy, may occasion a certain lifting of the eyebrows; but no true historian can write without some point of view, some standpoint, if for no other reason than he must have a principle of selection, guiding his intelligent choice and arrangement of fact.

. . . if he attempts to write history without any principle of selection, the result will be a mere chronicle and no real history, a mere concatenation of events or opinions without understanding or motif."

Frederick Copleston, in History of Philosophy, volume 1