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I'm an Australian by birth - originally from Sydney. I now live in Auckland, New Zealand. As this is an American website please don't be alarmed if I accidentally drop a "u" in words like "Colour" or "Favourite"!

I am a Christian (Anglican) though I am not a Young Earth Creationist (Young Earth Creationism isn't very common in this part of the world admittedly). That said however I do not wish to cause ruction on a site that has a Young Earth Creationist viewpoint so I will not edit nor alter any of the articles here which deal with issues relating to Evolution or the age of the earth.

I'm interested in history - specifically the periods of great explorations and explorers such as Columbus, Magellan, Captain Cook and Shackleton.

Favourite books

  • Shogun
  • The Stand
  • The Odyssey

Favourite films

  • Godzilla (2014)
  • Batman - The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises
  • Lord of Rings trilogy

Please leave me a message on my talk-page if I can be of assistance or if you'd like to discuss anything.