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The Obama Victory: Smoke & Mirrors

Yes, we conservatives have heard it all already from liberals. We got beat by Obama. Obama is a master politician. Obama has defeated the Republican party. None of much is true but let's review how he got the highest office on Earth.

Deceit was a major factor in his win. Do whatever it takes. Say whatever it takes. Promises everything. Draw a picture of new politics fixing our nation's ills. Stretch the truth, flat-out lies, speak centrist moderate talk, run from open debates, break promises and hide your past.
Money was the deciding factor. Community organizing is to thank. Besides the grassroots support that everyone made such a hoopla over, most money came from leftwing big wigs. Soros spent millions, he spent $25 million in '04 and no doubt he spent double that in '08. His money was peppered all over the leftwing sphere from ACORN to MoveOn to MediaMatters and many many more shadow party organizations. Then there is the little organization called labor unions. Part community organization, part bank and they funded Obama in the millions. Add up all that was spent on this election cycle and Obama's first victory was to destroy campaign finance. Want to run for president, you will now need a minimum of $500 million dollars '12.
Illusions had its part in the past election cycle. Pretend to be a super hero, pretend to be a messiah. TV & print media fawned over their fake savior. Tie his shoe and the media gave it an A+. Ask about his shady political beginnings in corrupt Chicago didn't quite fit the picture the MSM was crafting. On the flip side, the liberal attack dogs were intent on protecting their master, attacking conservative Sarah Palin relentlessly, in the best interest of the American people? yeah right.
Race was a significant factor. The race of the candidate became more important than skill, experience, knowledge, integrity and past votes. If you opposed him for his policies, you were labeled racist. If you opposed him on political experience you were labeled a racist. If you said his non-votes in congress were disrespectful to his constituents, you were labeled a racist by liberals. Then you have a Republican candidate who did everything gentleman like and you still had a remark from a fellow lawmaker that McCain is a racist. A historic moment, the election of a black man is a racist statement that the left proclaims.

In conclusion, Obama didn't school Republicans. The six million vote difference was a close call.Obama kicked our butt? You mean Obama-Soros-MSM-ACORN-Unions & a boat load of promises Democrats never intended to keep? - yes you 'guy(s)' did win. But don't ever think Obama could win without all the help. It wasn't a win by principles that the founders intended. It was a win for racketeering(Unions), a win for fraud(MSM), a win for the Alinsky anarchists(ACORN).