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Word True conservative meaning False liberal redefinition
Bias selection or distortion of facts to support a liberal position. not immediately accepting the liberal position as true.
Bible the inspired and preserved Word of God, in the form of a collection of texts sacred to Judaism and Christianity An old book of fairy tales, propaganda, and libel that isn't relevant in the modern age, or at best a book that each believer is free to reinterpret for himself
Birthright Citizenship The precious right to American citizenship conferred by being born to American citizen parents Something worthless to be given to anyone who happens to be within American borders when they were born, legally or not
Bill of Rights The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom. A changing document that can be used to further your political agenda.
Bi-partisan Dangerous compromising with liberals. A political action which is supported by both parties.
Budget An itemized list of expenses and income which should be balanced. A list of everything you want, which you then borrow, cheat, or steal your way to acquiring.
Bureaucracy (relating to government) Bloated, ineffectual government. The standard apparatuses of government, and a way to increase the size of liberal unions.
Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) A frequent disease among paranoid liberals which leads them to hate everything George W. Bush did and blame all current problems on him. none