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"Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence."

Sometimes, it's really hard to tell whether Democrats do the things they do out of malice or incompetence. I'm an optimist, so I want to believe it's always the latter, but I kinda know better.

I was and am pretty isolated from society due to where I live. Libertarianism and conservatism overlap when it comes to gun ownership, so I was pretty content with the former for a while. Having said that, this site has shown me a better way.

I think a page that at least explains what the n-word is, and why it's so hateful and painful to black people, ought to exist and be extremely moderated. I can see why it's been a sore topic, but still. This is supposed to be a comprehensive encyclopedia to conservatives in the present and in the future. Let's acknowledge history, not censor it to such an extreme degree that it's outright deleted.

A troll is "anything that disrupts the normal flow of conversation, or logic in a thread of thought". In that regard, I am heavily opposed.

I went away for a while due to personal health issues that were fairly debilitating. I hope to contribute positively here again.