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As my name indicates, I lean right, I don't fall right :-)

I live in a country with universal healthcare, education, decent public services and high taxation. I want to see the burden moved from earning to spending. I'm very much a Thatcherite.

This user plays and watches soccer.
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This user believes that the Big Bang occurred, but that God caused it.
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President George W. Bush.
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Ronald Reagan
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A year ago I started using the internet. I have long being a history buff but since retiring I decided I needed something more to do, as a hobby. There are some great places online, and I encourage my kids to use it as an educational resource. As it stands at the moment, I wouldn't let them use Conservapedia as an educational resource, but for that matter I wouldn't let them use Wikipedia either. I await the day when a group of scholars and academics create an encyclopedia online, only then will I let my kids use any sort of 'pedia'. When I say kids, I mean teenagers. A handful let me tell you :-)

I'm considered going to University to study history as a mature student, since I never went when I was younger. According to this website I should watch out for those darned Professor Values though!

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