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Hello. My name is Michael Ian Casey, and I've been a resident of Georgia in Athens-Clarke County for the past four years. (Yes, it is extremely liberal here.) Currently, I am a musician (guitar, piano + others) as well as a writer in my free time. Do not mistake me for a 'limpwrist liberal-artiste' and do not mistake my stoicism for a lack of sentiment or passion, nor my devil's advocacy for treason. The greatest works of music are those which occasionally play against themselves, and the greatest literature is that which is human, and contemplates duality.

I am here to advance to the cause of intellectual conservatism, free from hype and equal in its depth and breadth.

I've given up any hope of changing Wikipedia (however, Wikipedians never gave up hope of changing or reverting my edits) and decided to come here. As I did on that "enpsychopedia", I will not tolerate puppets, trolls, vandals, or anyone else attempting to disrupt the Conservative learning process.

Other than that, I enjoy reasoned debate (Socrates and G.K. Chesterton have informed my thinking more than anyone except God and my father.), history, geography, driving through the country in my ancient and trusty VW Cabriolet (it's foreign, forgive me).

Feel free to ask questions, I will respond civilly and in-depth to each submission.

This user has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
This user does not support Barack Obama.