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Hello, I'm Mal Peeters. I'm an 18 year old Belgian computer science student, and very interested in the world, nature, physics, etc. A few days after I joined Conservapedia, my account was blocked by TK, but after a conversation via emails, he unblocked my account. I told him the following, and he asked me to put this on my user page:

" I'm a Christian, but I'm confused about many things. Conservapedia seems like a great way to learn more about Christianity. The website has an approach to the world that I can't seem to find elsewhere and I would love to communicate with conservative Christians. I think I can learn a lot from doing so. "

As I said, I'm confused about many things. Don't understand me wrong, though. I'm absolutely not confused when it comes to Jesus Christ, God, and other important things in my daily life. Though I'm confused about the world. I can't say I have studied the Bible back to front, but I read it when I have time, and it strikes me that it is very hard for me to find the correct way of interpreting it. As I said, I'm very interested in science and nature, and I try to do research on those criteria; both from Christian and contra-Christian sources and points of view. With this information, I try to get an idea of how the world and all species of plants and animals came to exist, and well, it's not easy. :) That's my primary motivation to read and edit talk pages on Conservapedia.

If you have any questions, please write something on my talk page.



Wow, it's been a year since I logged in on here. I finally remembered what my password was. :)