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Markr is a kind, warm person who tries to get along with everyone at least to a point. He is beloved of Hamsters and bunnies, gerbils are a bit ambivalent towards him though. Hates spiders with a vengeance although tends to a live and let live policy.

Markr is OLD.

Mark has had a wide variety of practical experience and tends to dislike people who try to live in a theoretical world. At the end of the day its what works that counts.

Teacher, poet (don't ask) , writer of songs (don't ask again) , fiction writer(tome of the tooth fairy and other stories), teacher, computer hardware technician, programmer , business analyst and lots of other stuff.

He wont commit to a view on religion, since they all seem to have good points and since supernatural powers are involved they are innately unprovable. He notes that no current religion seems to have a repeatable , demonstrable miracle available.

Markr has suffered several strokes since 2006 and when off his meds is slightly whacked. He tends to distrust his judgment now on things that seem like a good idea at the moment.