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Is about 40 years old. Is a native Californian. Was homeschooled when homeschooling was a felony. Was raised the son of pentecostal pastor. Served in the 101st Airborne Divivision. Has worked as a bookkeeper, paralegal, advertising executive, and investment real estate manager. Has never voted for a pro-abort or a Democrat. Converted to Holy Orthodoxy at age 35. Is the father of four sons. His favorite cities are New york, Boston, and San Francisco. His oldest son is currently in Afghanistan killing Taliban with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. His youngest son is still in diapers. Hold degrees in liberal arts (De Anza College, California) and Orthodox Christian theology (University of Joensuu, Finland). Is currently enrolled at the University of Massachusets Boston School of Community and Public Service. Is a homeschooling stay at home Dad. Is a registered member of the California Independent Party (in other states it is called the U.S.Constitution Party)

Areas of interest: City planning and land use policy, Church history, architecture, the Paleologan Dynasty, Christian Theology, Organic agriculture, birding.