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See my user page on Wikipedia.

Finished with Conservapedia

I created a new user account earlier today, OneAgainstRepression, after becoming unable to edit any pages or view this user page (it was apparently viewable by admins only; I've seen that happen to people that argue with Aschlafly before, and I considered it a form of being blocked). I've since been told, on my other account's talk page, that what I was seeing was, in fact, a lockdown of the whole wiki. I don't understand why such a lockdown would ever be necessary. Despite the rampantly biased liberals that apparently control Wikiepdia and that you all fear so strongly, Wikiepdia is never locked-down in such a way. I have never met the liberal mob you all fear so much, by the way, and I don't believe it exists. Either way, though, Aschlafly's hostility has made it clear that I am not welcome here. I first came here hoping to learn about and understand this project and the people that run it. Now, unfortunately, I believe I do. Contrary to what Aschlafly tells you, you are all welcome to come discuss your views and improve our understanding of the world on Wikipedia. Be willing to discuss your opinions and edits; most of us are. I look forward to seeing you there. Oneforlogic, OneAgainstRepression 14:19, 6 July 2008 (EDT)

One Against Repression, my new account.

Analysis of examples of bias in Wikipedia, my primary project here.