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Wordlview: Young Earth Creationist (YEC) Judaeo-Christian Non-Denominational Protestant.

Occupation: human.

Gender: male.

Fallen Manifestation: neuro-atypical, spec: autistic.

Real (Given) Name: Daniel Mark Pech.

DOB: July 13, 1967

Residence: USA.

Location: Sol system, Earth.

Interests: see Occupation.


Born to Michael Laddie Pech and Martha Louise Pech, in the state of Illinois, in the home of maternal grandparents. Educated primarily by both parents, and otherwise-primarily by public and private educational institutions. Homeschooled from age twelve (spec: unschooled).

Origin of Username

In reference to its author (named above in the CV), the origin of the username 'PatternOfPersona' has to do with the author's mental (dis)abilities, all of which have to do with social cognition and with the connection between social cognition and general cognition.

Special notes

God Bless pastor Larry Jorgenson (and many others) of Trinity Lutheran Church, Gresham Oregon.

God bless pastor Dan Zike of Old Paths Bible Church, Tualatin Oregon; 2PM Sunday, August 21st, 2011.


Author of eight blogs/websites and one Facebook account, including and

Contributed to the article on Omnipotence at the A Storehouse of Knowledge wiki:

Contributed to Wikipedia's article, Omnipotence paradox:

Wrote an essay titled, The logic of power, contributed to the Essays page at A Storehouse of Knowledge: