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User PeterGilles
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Hey there! I'm PeterGilles aka Peter Gilles. I'm new here on Conservapedia. I'm helping out, like everyone else, just as much as I can. I am American, but I am originally from Paris, France.

My Views


Unlike most people here, I am not Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or Atheist. I am, technically speaking, an Ignostic Apatheist (combination of Ignosticism and Apatheism). That basically means that I don't believe God is truly provable or disprovable, therefore the question of weather or not God exists is irrelevant. Taken God's existence is irrelevant, I think of God as irrelevant to my life.

I respect all religions, and I try to learn as much as I can about them. I was raised Christian, but following my immersion into George Carlin and later Bill Maher, I began studying the question of religion, passing through stages of many stances. I went from Christian to agonstic ("I don't know"), to theist-agnostic ("there is a God, I don't know which one"), to atheist ("there is no God"), and finally Ignostic Apatheist ("God is irrelevant, and I don't even care").

I do, however, enjoy discussions on theology, so if you want to convert me, give it a shot.


As my religious views may suggest, I do not care for common theories. Personally, I am a democratic Utopian-socialist. In other words, I support democracy with a form of socialism similar to that of Thomas More's Utopia. I do not, however, believe in a Christian-based society. I support apatheistic government (note that this not the same as atheistic).

I am Pro-choice in terms of abortion. People have the right to control their own bodies. If you argue that all life is precious, think again. A fetus still at the point where abortion is a safe option is no more living than your kidney.

I believe in gay rights. Homosexuality does not make a person any less human than if they decide to become anything else, for example a vagabond.

Goals on Conservapedia

I understand that my political and religious views are not the norm of this website, but I hope that the community will embrace my views, insofar as I don't enforce it on others without their consent.

I hope to contribute to this site as a neutral person, and not get involved the countless debates against atheists here. Though I do believe the website's slogan may occasionally be questionable, a new voice to serve as a second form of Wikipedia could be a worthwhile cause.