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Philip N.
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Add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge (2 Peter 1:5 [1]).

I am currently thinking about retirement from CP.
Why ?
Because I see in some senior admins a huge lack of qualities pretty important to me:

  • Modesty: the simple article Conservapedia proven right is enough to prove the point
  • Humility: Keeping to unreferenced belief while many contributors provide references that contradict the statement: (See Mystery:Why Do Atheists Dislike Underdogs?)
  • Honesty: by claiming to be Christian and supporting an unfaithful greedy man
  • Objectivity: we do not live in a black & white world where you can pack what you don't like (Atheists, evolutionists, Muslims, Sweden, Stalin, Hitler, Socialists, Liberals...) on one hand and what you like (Conservative, Christians (but not from all churches), Jesus) on the other.
  • Charity: 'Love the Sinner Hate the Sin'. I can't see no love here, only hatred and contempt for those who do not share your beliefs
  • Affability but only in one senior admin (or maybe he is many ?)

If you are aware of another Conservative/Christian-friendly encyclopedia that respect those values, please let me know.

I understand your position. The qualities you mentioned are at least partly missing from many higher ranked members here. The recent discussions about Atheists support for Underdogs has also gotten under my skin, not only the baseless assertions pushed, but the reactions of the admins when challenged, and their inability to answer questions straight.
However, I don't treat this site as an Encyclopedia, but more as a blog to receive opinions, baseless or not. Shame you wish to leave, but it is, after all, your choice. --RedGoliath 20:55, 9 February 2012 (GMT)