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This page is to manage the renaming of articles in accordance with the revised policy on page names in the Manual of Style.

Please list articles to be renamed in the left column.

The next column will note when it has been renamed.

In the third column, please note when all the links to the page have been altered. If there are a lot of links, you might want to put a note that you are working through them before noting that they are all done.

Anybody can help with any part of this, except that renaming pages is limited to sysops.

NOTE that this list will include some renamings that are not account the revised policy on page names.

Article Renamed Links fixed
Vast Right-wing Conspiracy theory (could probably be unprotected as well) Should this just be uncapitalised, or should the word "theory" be dropped from the title? Done (moved to Vast right-wing conspiracy). Done
Altieri v. New York City Dep't of Educ. (should likely be moved to nonabbreviated version) Do we know that the abbreviated version isn't the actual title of the case? Done
Liberal Myths (take your pick as to what the rules say this should be moved to) You mean, for example, Essay: Liberal myths? Tempting, but I made it Liberal myths instead. All mainspace done except for liberal
Young Earth Creationism Before I do this one and the next, see Conservapedia talk:Manual of Style#Earth or earth?
Old Earth Creationism
Oort Cloud Done Most if not all links are in {{solarsystem}}
Conservative Style Done Done, but this should be moved as well
Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis Done Done
Liberal Hate Speech Done Done
Liberal Bias Done All mainspace done except for Liberal
Income Effect Income effect already exists. Merge tags added N/A
Income Elasticity of Demand Done Done
Black Liberation Theology Done Done
Universal Health Care Done All mainspace done except for Liberal (I'm starting to see a pattern here...)
Mike farrell Done Done
Family Values Done Done
Lameduck to lame duck Done Done
War Elephants Done