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Please help Trump win California! My US House representative is Pete Olson! Visit this website:!!! Hey, I am closing this account.

My Ban in Wikipedia

My Wikipedia account,,800,000,000, was banned and hacked. Just for being right-wing. I told them not to favor left but to be neutral, and then they called me racist! Then, they mixed it with mass vandals and lied about it. My IP is banned forever on Wikipedia! That is what happens if you are conservative in a website with a lack of free speech!

Punish China

That was my blocked Wikipedia account for the so-called "inappropriate username" They sympathize with China! My account doesn't mean punish the Chinese people, it means punish the Chinese government, slow them down, and keep America First.


User:Punish China/Sandbox


I am a minority. I am anti-[Democrat racist] (I am not saying I'm racist, I'm saying I am anti-[racist Democrat]), those liars of liars. Black lives do matter, but the BLM unfortunately is a Marxist terrorist group. What I mean is that I am against those racist, communist Democrats.

This Website

It is an honest, Christian, Republican, and a trustworthy website.


They harass Trump and promote Biden! They also criticize all pro-Trump Asians like Modi for "keeping poverty", despite the emerging Asian markets! And they say that Trump is a murderer and a cager of Hispanics like me! We MUST not listen to those LIARS! They say Trump supporters are dangerous! And China is not even criticized! They said Trump caused COVID-19, even though it was China! They also attempt to connect Trump with terrorists! #Trump2020


Follow the experts' guidelines to prevent COVID. The Fake News says Trump and CDC are enemies, even though the NYT hates both! It is not CHINA's FAULT according to the Fake News! It is Trump's Fault? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that.


Well, well, Wikipedia wants to see "conservative tears".

Trump and Pence have COVID-19

Donald and Melania Trump has coronavirus[1] and Mike Pence, too![2], 2nd in line, Pelosi, is OK.

Examples of Bias in Wikipedia

That page had only 80,000 bytes when I came. Now, it has 97,500 bytes.


I have 260 edits.


Barack Osama or Obama bin Laden (what I call them, an opinion, not a fact) attacked us 19 years ago (The 911 attacks is a fact)!

Angela Merkel endorsed Joe Biden[3]

Lady Gaga endorsed Joe Biden[4]

Porno stars love Bernie Sanders[5]

Web Archive

Go here,, go to History, and find out that Wikipedia likes China, as shown here: They call criticizing China "vandalism".