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Dear Mr. Schlafly, I find your site fascinating. One question I have -- and I pose it not in the spirit of argumentation / beginning an argument, but rather to receive an explanation from your point of view.

Much of the material in the gospels could be interpreted as Christ urging people to take care of the poor. There are moments in the New Testament during which Christ suggests that accumulated wealth on earth will not be favorably looked upon in the next life (Matt. 19); during which Christ tells his disciples to sell their possessions and give all they have to the poor (Matt. 19); and so forth. Also, in Acts 4, it is suggested that Christ's apostles share possessions in common, and to a certain degree one might interpret that the failure to do so could have negative consequences (Acts 5: 1-5).

In any event, I would very much appreciate reading your thoughts on this matter, if you have the opportunity to respond. Thank you very much for your time, D. C.