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Richard Jensen (b 1941) has a PhD in American Studies (Yale 1966) and has been a professor of history and political science at numerous schools, including Harvard, West Point, Moscow State, Washington (St. Louis), Michigan, and Illinois-Chicago. He is currently Research Professor at Montana State University, Billings, Montana, where he teaches world history. Since 2000 he has edited the email-based discussion group "Conservativenet", which caters to conservative scholars. (see online archives and free subscriptions

He has made hundreds of contributions to Wikipedia and Citizendium.

his Books: include:

  • Historians Guide to Statistics (1971; 1974)
  • The Winning of the Midwest: Social and Political Conflict, 1888-1896 (1971)
  • Illinois: A History (1978, 2001)
  • The Evolution of American Electoral Systems' (coauthor, 1981)
  • Grass Roots Politics: Parties, Issues, and Voters, 1854-198 (1983).
  • World Population (1999)
  • World War Two on the Web (2002, coauthor)
  • Trans-Pacific Relations: America, Europe and Asia in the Twentieth Century (2003) co-editor and author
  • Civil War on the Web (2nd ed. 2003; coauthor)
  • Americans at War: Society, Culture, and the Homefront (coeditor vol 4, 2005)

he is Author of On-Line Resources:

  • "Scholars Guide to WWW," (1995- updated occasionally) published on

numerous History Department WWW pages. For latest version, go to[1]

  • "Web Sources for Military History" (1999-, updated every few months) latest version, [2]
  • "World Population: A Guide to WWW" (1998-, updated occasionally) [3]
  • "Guide to Political Research On-Line" (1999-, updated occasionally) [4]
  • "Online Guide to American Political History" (2001-, updated occasionally) [5]
  • "Railroad History: [6]
  • "Civil War & Reconstruction: [7]
  • "Vietnam War: [8]