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I am Ricky, and I am a spiritual Catholic. I am currently reading the book Catholicism for Dummies, and I am learning more and more about the Catholic way of life. I am delightfully biased against atheism, agnosticism, and secular humanism. Just tell me, a lot of my high school classmates were atheist or agnostic. I am very interested in Japanese culture and manga and video games and anime. I am fair and balanced, and an avid Fox News Channel fan. I am also interested in martial arts, especially Judo. I am also strongly against world government, and my opposition to the European Union shows exactly that. I am also opposed to the EU because I believe they are somewhat responsible for the secularization and socialization of a great continent which contributed so much to American culture.

Before I discovered Conservapedia, I used to edit Wikipedia, under my username of Ricky_K_777. I enjoyed editing articles on Wikipedia, mainly about video games and obscure manga characters. Once I saw the editing of pages to replace info with nonsense and lies, I was appalled. Ironically, I heard of Conservapedia from the slanderous Wikipedia article. That is when I joined this great wiki. I still look at Wikipedia, but only for the flags, national emblems, and maps.

I attend Long Beach City College, with a major in Administration of Justice. After college, I plan on joining the police so I could help bust gangs and crime. I am also now starting to write articles on various vicious street gangs, which highlights my major.

I usually create pages for conservative commentators and pundits, video games, anime, manga, and Russian animation.

About My User Name

In my user name, the RK is my initials, standing for "Richard Khoury." The "Luffy" is from Monkey D. Luffy, my favorite anime character. Finally, the 88 is the year I was born in, 1988.


  • Playing video games
  • Watching anime
  • Reading manga
  • Studying Catholicism and Christian apologetics
  • Watching EWTN
  • Lisening to classic rock and classic R&B
  • Watching Russian animation

Favorite Games

  • Pac-Man
  • Galaga
  • Street Fighter II
  • Metal Slug
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Pokemon

Favorite manga

  • Dragon Ball
  • One Piece
  • Doraemon
  • Dorabase
  • Naruto

Favorite books

  • The Alchemist
  • The Bible
  • Catholicism for Dummies
  • The Kite Runner

Favorite music