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This is "above the Table of Contents" material archived from my user page on April 13, 2017.
The following "sabbatical" notices have expired.



I will be on sabbatical, pursuing other projects, until November 28 or so. (By coincidence, EJamesW and Joona both have their blocks expire on the same day.) I am confident that no counterexamples to relativity, complex numbers, cosmology, or evolution will be found during that period, and that my writing on these subjects will hold up.
My draft of an explanation of how we really define sine, cosine, and exponential, and how we therefore really know that Euler's Formula and Euler's identity are true, without all the non-rigorous middle-school-level handwaving, will wait until I come back.
I recommend that, if anyone, especially a new user, edits a page on science, mathematics, or chemical elements, you wait a month or so to see if a subject matter expert comes along, and let that subject matter expert revert it, if necessary. I will look at things when I get back. If you're not sure, ask someone. Or post on the Community Portal. Don't just destroy stuff.

My recent status was "SELECTIVELY EDITING", because there are only a few topics on which I can make any improvements.
In the more distant past, my announced status has been things like "RETIRED" and "SEMI-RETIRED, BUT NOT DEAD", with explanations like "This user is no longer active at Conservapedia. God Bless." and "I do not edit here very frequently, because I have to log in from a college that I don't get to very often. Be patient."
The "retired" status came about from frustration over the number of times I have been blocked for bogus reasons. Some of them were false socking charges. After one of my returns, someone[1] took it upon himself to vape this page and my talk page. The "semi-retired" notice was an attempt to keep that from happening.
I no longer log in from a college; I use my own home internet connection. And I no longer use proxies. The avoidance of my home internet connection came about because, at one time, admins used "checkuser" to look for sockpuppets, blocking any people who seemed to come from the same place on the internet. This occasionally caused people to be wrongly blocked for coming from the same ISP node as another. I didn't want to cause some innocent person using my same ISP to be blocked. This kind of blocking no longer takes place. My current ISP shows a location in Lowell, Massachusetts. I don't live there.
At present, I make edits to those things that I believe I can improve (mostly science and math) and stay away from those things that are utterly hopeless (like evolution, creationism, and why year 20XX is going to be the worst year ever for evolution or atheism or whatever.) I also (believe it or not, and some people don't) try to encourage well-intentioned new users, and try to make this a more orderly and friendly place. I also engage in a lot of good-natured banter with Cons. I also occasionally find myself amused by the way some users seem to stalk me.
Anyone who wants to contact me may do so at

I am seriously "behind the curve" on the latest high-tech gadgetry. I do not own any kind of smartphone, Android, or other similar teenagers' playthings. I own a laptop computer (several of them in fact) and am quite literate about actual computer science. I do not have "FIOS" or any similar things; just plain cable internet. I do not use things like Skype or Instant Messaging (or Tinder, or Facebook, or SnapChat, or Pinterest, or Twitter ..., though I have, under duress, used IM at work. However, I am capable of high-bandwidth communication with people through email, using attachments when the information transfer quantity requires it. People desiring to contact me are strongly encouraged to use the email account given above.

In addition to the email above, I have accounts, all under the same name (SamHB) at Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Ameriwiki (I am an administrator), and that other place that rhymes with "national picky".


I communicate occasionally by email with Andy and a few other admins. I have a cordial relationship with Andy, and have had him reverse blocks on a number of occasions. He has always been helpful and cooperative. If you have been blocked for reasons that you do not consider proper, feel free to contact me at the email address given above. I may be able to argue your case.

But you must first convince me that your case is sound, before I attempt to convince Andy. If you have been blocked for vandalism or parody, don't waste my time. If you have not been making edits in a good-faith effort to improve Conservapedia, don't waste my time. The preceding was written when I had a grossly exaggerated view of my reputation at Conservapedia.

There is a section about the Daily Beast article on my talk page. It was originally on mainpage talk, and seems to have disappeared.

A few words about vandalism and parody in science and math articles. There's a lot of it. I have reverted a lot of it. Just in the last few weeks I cleaned up some parody in the articles on Calcium and on Gabriel's horn. (Well, in the latter case I just pointed it out.) Both parodists' accounts are still active.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that there is a lot more parody in math and science articles. It's just too much for one person to fix.

But I do want to help clean up some incomplete work that I did for the MV Calculus course.

In a recent email to Andy, leading to the reinstatement of my account, I said, in part:

Although I have dropped out of the multivariable calculus project, I need to give Jacob a heads-up about the notation I used in my part of the lectures. Mostly in lecture 3.2, as I recall. I used somewhat unorthodox definitions of generalized coordinate systems -- "natural" coordinates rather than "orthonormal coordinates + Lamé coefficients". The latter are more common, but natural coordinates are, in my opinion, actually simpler and, well, more natural. Jacob probably prefers "orthonormal + Lamé". So he needs to decide: keep it my way, or change it to his way. The change would mostly involve changing my formulas (cross product, etc.) to the ones that are common in physics textbooks. ("Natural" coordinates, on the other hand, are common in tensor calculus textbooks.)
I also disagree with what he has written about limits, and want to discuss that.
I want the discussion to be on some talk page on Conservapedia, where any interested party can join in.
The block reason was, in any case, "Retired under voluntary circumstances; Admin(s) will reactivate upon request". There was further discussion of my situation, between Jacob and Ed Poor, at the talk page for Cramer's rule, which I would like you [AS] to look at.
I really can't help if I have to do everything in secret email. And I do want the MV calc course to succeed. And I notice that it is really going to happen, and that there is a lot of interest in it.
So I would like you to please restore my account and user/talk pages.

Andy did so, sending me a nice reply. He even apologized for having taken so long (5 hours) to get to it! (You see, he had previously acted on a request in only 2 hours :-)

So I want to discuss my past contributions to the multivariable calculus course. There may be some problems with integrating my material with that of others (Specifically JacobB, of course), since my approach to vector components in curvilinear coordinates was somewhat unorthodox. See my talk page, at the bottom.


  1. User Conservative, affectionately called "Cons"