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Hi all Conservative americans working on this site. My aim for now is to extract as much amusment you as possible as you attempt to reconcile the blatant flaws in your various arguments, with the much less significant flaws of the greater scientific community, who has provided virtually everything in your everyday lives which you rely on, other than the Bible, quite possibly the greatest contender for least historically accurate history book of all time.

As I really have no right to interfere with your own failings, i will attmept to stop myself from editing your pages and restrict myself to discussion pages as much as possible. I do however, make no apology for my British spelling. The only american spelling which is correct is aluminum, and it sounds bad anyway.

Personal information - Goes to a church school but is essentially aetheist, though technically agnostic. Favourite hobbies include parousing sites such as this - it never grows old watching people use the bible as a historical source, or even more amusingly, saying the bible is the word of the lord, or even greater than that, immediately assuming christian literature is correct. Whilst I acknoledge that many scientific theories have serious matters to be attended to, i have the utmost confidence that with time they will be solved, or another theory put in place that fits the parameters better. The inability of conservative christians to look at things objectively amazes me.