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In 2010, after many years collaborating with this site in articles that verged on the topics of mathematics, physics, chemistry, brazilian culture and brazilian history, among others, I was banned for "five years", which probably was meant to be infinite, under the alleged pretext "Using anonymous proxy: U.K troll using Brazilian IP's to argue and disrupt. Bye"

So, now that I'm temporarily unbanned, I want to comment on this ban.

First, about the "U.K". Probably my spelling (where I carelessly mix american and european English) and my use of International Units (meters, kilograms, etc) instead of the units that were based on the satanistic idea that the Kings were divine beings and should be used to measure all things (an idea that, AFAIK, comes from pederasts of the Classical Era of Greece) were an indication that I was not "american" under the strict definition that american = native born USA citizen. But the inference that I was from England is surely a leap of illogic.

For the "anonymous proxy" and "Brazilian IPs" part, I think that it should be obvious to any rational person who had done a minimal analysis of my posts that, posting a lot about Brazil and using brazilian IPs, I was posting from Brazil. Also, it should be very simple to just check those IPs, and see that they were not proxies (BTW, don't bother to check this new IP; I changed internet providers, it's a new one).

I won't even comment on the "argue and disrupt" part. Just check my history.

Finally, I had to think about the "troll" part. Frankly, I didn't see in any of my edits nor in any comment I ever made any glimpse of trolling. But I came to the conclusion that this wiki is run by fanatics, the kind of people that form ISIS, feminazi groups or the communist guerrillas. And for fanatics, anyone that is not subservient must be an enemy - and a troll.

So, ban me again. This time for infinity - if you believe in this mathematical concept.